Trowbridge Court Hall Refurbishment

Court Hall in Trowbridge

Town centre grandeur restored

In 2002/03 Heritage Restoration was awarded the challenge of refurbishing the Court Hall in Trowbridge city centre.

Thought to have been a medieval site originally, this Listed Building dates back to the early 19th century.

The project involved:

  • conversion of restaurant into retail unit
  • conversion of ground floor and first floor offices
  • complete re-roofing
  • rebuilding of Ashlar chimneys copying the exact mouldings from the original

The work presented many challenges to our experienced team not least of all because of the lack of space in the vicinity for all the equipment needed to undertake this extensive refurbishment. However, their dedication and expertise led to the successful completion of the work, with a minimum of disruption to businesses in the immediate area.

Our craftsmen worked painstakingly to reproduce the original features and upon completion, the project received an award from the local council.